Gaining Access To Benefits After A Work-Related Injury

Under Georgia law, if you are injured in the course and scope of employment, your employer is required to compensate you with income benefits and pay 100% for all authorized medical costs associated with your injury. However, insurance companies and employers oftentimes try to avoid their statutory responsibilities by disputing your claim and arguing that your injury was either not work-related or somehow isn't covered under workers' compensation laws.

At the Law Offices of Dennis L. Duncan, PC, we understand how challenging it can be to divide your attention between focusing on recovery and having to deal with the threat of being marginalized or mistreated by your employer or the insurance company. We will not let this happen to you.

We are here to provide you with aggressive and seasoned legal advocacy to secure your rights to workers' compensation income and medical benefits. Our clients are assured that they will receive prompt and competent legal representation from the start of their claim to the end of the hearing process.

Our Experience With Catastrophic And Non-Catastrophic Injuries

Over the past 25 years, attorney Dennis Duncan has successfully represented workers pursuing compensation for a variety of work-related injuries, including non-catastrophic and catastrophic injuries, such as:

  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Burn injuries, including those that lead to disfigurement or disability
  • Neck injuries, including immediate and gradual neck pain
  • Head injuries, from concussions to serious brain traumas
  • Occupational illnesses and diseases
  • Repetitive motion injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Accidental death

When an employer fails to start paying benefits promptly, an injured worker can face serious physical and financial problems. We understand these difficulties and make an active effort to reduce the burden our clients experience. We will go to work for you immediately in order to protect your rights and to help you secure the medical care and income benefits you need and deserve.

We Aggressively Seek Compensation To Restore Your Wellbeing

Attorney Dennis Duncan's experience as a seasoned defense trial lawyer uniquely qualifies him to represent injured individuals in workers' compensation cases. Having served as defense counsel for the State of Georgia, numerous Georgian Employers and Workers' Compensation Insurance Companies for the first eighteen years of his legal profession has given him an edge in anticipating exactly what tactics opposing counsel will attempt to employ to deny his clients' claims for benefits.

His experience allows him to develop case strategies to defend his clients against these unfair practices and gain access to the benefits his clients deserve.

Mr. Duncan also cares deeply about his clients and always takes a vested interest in his clients' wellbeing and the outcome of their case. You can rest assured too that you will remain in direct contact with Mr. Duncan throughout the entire legal process and get answers to your legal questions.

Contact Our Firm

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